2023.12.19 Congratulations to Dr. Xiao Peng, Bin Chen and Shufen Dai  on winning the support by the National Postdoctoral Funding Program!

2023.11.18 Congratulations to Mr. Xun-En Wu for his paper entitled “Durable Radiative Cooling Multilayer Silk Textile with Excellent Comprehensive Performance” being accepted by Advanced Functional Materials!

2023.10.26 Congratulations to Huarun Liang, Xun-En Wu and Jiongke Jin on their winning the doctoral scholarship!

2023.09.19 Welcome Deyu Liu to join the YY group !

2023.09.13 Congratulations to Dr. Haojie Lu for his paper entitled “Highly Strong and Tough Silk by Feeding Silkworms with Rare Earth Ion-Modified Diets” being accepted by Science Bulletin!

2023.09.08  Welcome Guixian Zhu, Lanchao Ma and Xiaoxiao Yan to join the YY group !

2023.09.01  Welcome Le Qi , YaoYao Zhou and Xiao Peng to join the YY group !

2023.08.10 Congratulations to Mr. Jiongke Jin for his paper entitled “A Synergistic Interfacial and Topological Strategy for Reinforcing Aramid Nanofiber Film” being accepted by Materials Horizons!

2023.07.28 Congratulations to Mr. Haomin Wang for his paper entitled “Inter-Shell Sliding in Individual Few-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Flexible Electronics” being accepted by Advanced Materials!

2023.07.10 Congratulations to Mr. Shuo Li for his paper entitled “Monitoring Blood Pressure and Cardiac Function Without Positioning via A Deep-Learning-Assisted Strain Sensor Array” being accepted by Science Advances!

2023.07.07 Congratulations to Dr. Xiao Peng, Yida Wang on wining the support by Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program!

2023.07.07 Warmly welcome Dr. Xi Yang and Dr. Shufen Dai to join the YY group !

2023.05.26 Congratulations to Mr. Shuai Wang for his paper entitled “Highly adhesive epidermal sensors with superior water-interference-resistance for aquatic applications” being accepted by Advanced Functional Materials!

2023.05.20 Congratulations to Shuo Li, Haojie Lu, Haomin Wang for their successful PhD thesis defenses!

2023.03.07 Congratulations to Mr. Yong Zhang  and Haojie Lu for their paper entitled“In-situ Mineralizing Spinning of Strong and Tough Silk Fibers for Optical Waveguides” being accepted by ACS Nano!

2023.02.23 Warmly welcome Mr. Haoxuan Ma to join the YY group !

2023.02.07 Warmly welcome Dr. Bin Chen to join the YY group !

2023.01. 13 Congratulations to Postdoc Peng Bi complete his scientific research work in YY group, and get a new job. 

2022.12.16 Congratulations to Mr. Haomin Wang for his paper entitled“Carbon-Based Flexible Devices for Comprehensive Health Monitoring” being accepted by Small Methods!

2022.10.25 Congratulations to Shuo Li, Haojie Lu, Haomin Wang, Mengjia Zhu, and Huarun Liang on their winning the doctoral scholarship !

2022.09.02 Congratulations to Mr. Shuo Li for his paper entitled“Humidity-sensitive chemoelectric flexible sensors based on metal-air redox reaction for health management” being accepted by Nature Communications!

2022.8.25 Welcome new doctoral student Mei Zou !

2022.07.14 Warmly welcome Dr. Yida Wang to join the YY group !

2022.07.06 Congradulations! Dr. Yingying Zhang was promoted to the Tenured Professor at Tsinghua University!

2022.5.21 Congratulations to Xiaoping Liang for his successful PhD thesis defense!

2022.03.07 Congratulations to Mr. Xiaoping Liang for his paper entitled”Hydrophilic, Breathable, and Washable Graphene Decorated Textile Assisted by Silk Sericin for Integrated Multi-Modal Smart Wearables” being accepted by Advanced Functional Materials without change!

2022.03.03 Congratulations to Mr. Haojie Lu for his paper entitled “Mechanically reinforced silkworm silk fiber by hot stretching “being accepted by Research!

2021.12.28 Congratulations to Mr. Haojie Lu for his  paper entitled Silkworm Silk Fibers with Multiple Reinforced Properties Obtained through Feeding Ag Nanowires” being accepted by Advanced Fiber Materials

2021.12.21 Congratulations to Mr. Xiaoping Liang for his  paper entitled Highly Regulatable Heat Conductance of Graphene–Sericin Hybrid for Responsive Textiles” being accepted by Advanced Functional  Materials!

2021.12.21 Congratulations on the relocation of the YY group to Building Hetian!

2021.11.01 Congratulations to Shuo Li, Xiaoping Liang, Haomin Wang and Mengjia Zhu on their winning the doctoral scholarship !

2021.10.11 Welcome Renchuan You, associate professor of Wuhan Textile University, to YY group as a visiting scholar!

2021.10.01  Welcome Dr. Xuexiang Hu to join the YY group !

2021.8.12 Warmly welcome Dr. Linli Gan to join the YY group !

2021.08.09 Congratulations to  Dr. Huimin Wang for his research paper entitled “Smart Fibers and Textiles for Personal Health Management” being accepted by ACS Nano!

2021.07.22 Congratulations to Mr. Haomin Wang and Dr. Huimin Wangfor their work entitled“Carbothermal Shock Enabled Facile and Fast Growth of Carbon Nanotubes in a Second” being accepted by Nano Research for publication in an upcoming Special Issue entitled “In celebration of the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University”!

2021.07.21 Congratulations to  Suo  Li for his research paper entitled “Sustainable Silk-derived Multi-mode Carbon Dots” being accepted by Small!

2021.6.8 Congratulations to Mingchao Zhang for won the Outstanding Ph.D. Graduates and Outstanding Doctoral Thesis of Tsinghua University!

2021.5.19 Congratulations to Mingchao Zhang and Huimin Wang for their successful PhD thesis defense!

2021.05.13 Congratulations to Ms. Mengjia Zhu for her  paper entitledFlexible electrodes for In vivo and in vitro electrophysiological signal recording” being accepted by Advanced Healthcare Materials as an Invited Review paper !

2021.03.09 Congratulations to Dr. Zhe  Yin and Mr. Xiaoping Liang for their work entitled “Biomimetic Mechanically Enhanced Carbon Nanotube Fibers by Silk Fibroin Infiltration” being accepted by Small! Highlighted in “Women in Materials Science” Virtual Issue!

2021.02.20 Congratulations to Dr. Yiliang  Wang for his review paper entitled “Biomass-Derived Carbon Materials: Controllable Preparation and Versatile Applications” being accepted by Small!

2020.10.16 Welcome Professor Yuanlong Shao from Soochow University to the research group for academic discussion !

2020.10.12 Congratulations to Mingchao Zhang, Huimin Wang, Xiaoping Liang and Hao-min Wang four students who have won the first-class doctoral scholarship !

2020.10.06 Welcome Mingyu Zhang back to the research group to share and exchange his doctoral life in University of Waterloo !

2020.8.26 Warmly welcome Dr. Shuai Wang to join the YY group !

2020.8.25 Warmly welcome the new doctoral students, Huarun Liang and Xunen Wu !

2020.7.5 Warmly welcome Dr.Peng Bi to join the YY group !

2020.6.8 Congratulations to Xiaoping Liang for his work entitled “ Stable and Biocompatible Carbon Nanotube Ink Mediated by Silk Protein for Printed Electronics ” being accepted by Advanced Materials !

2020.5.21 Congratulations to Yin Zhe and Kailun Xia for their successful PhD thesis defense!

2020.5.16 Congratulations to Mingchao Zhang for his work entitled “ “Microribbons composed of directionally self-assembled nanoflakes as highly stretchable ionic neural electrodes”  being accepted by PNAS !

2020.2.21 Congratulations to Huimin Wang for his work entitled “ Laser-Writing of Janus Graphene/Kevlar Textile for Intelligent Protective Clothing ” being accepted by ACS Nano !

2020.2.14 Congratulations to postdoctor Wangdong Lu for her work entitled “ Molybdenum Disulfide Nanosheets Aligned Vertically on Carbonized Silk Fabric as Smart Textile for Wearable Pressure Sensing and Energy Devices ” being accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces !

2020.1.28 Congratulations to Kailun Xia for his work entitled “ Seamless Graphene-Seal-Wrap as Removable Protective Cover for Two-Dimensional Materials ” being accepted by ACS Materials Letters !

2020.1.11 Congratulations to Mingchao Zhang for his work entitled “ Spontaneous alignment of graphene oxide in hydrogel during 3D printing for multi-stimuli-responsive actuation ” being accepted by Advanced Science !

2020.1.3 Congratulations to Dr. Qi Wang for her work entitled “ Observations of 3 nm silk nanofibrils exfoliated from natural silkworm silk fibers ” being accepted by ACS Materials Letters !

2020.1.2 Congratulations to Haomin Wang for his work entitled “ Bio-inspired fluffy fabric with in-situ grown carbon nanotubes for ultrasensitive wearable airflow sensor ” being accepted by Advanced Materials !

2019.12.19 InfoMat WeChat has reported on our review of “Physical sensors for skin-inspired electronics” ! The original link

2019.12.6 Congratulations to Kailun Xia for his work entitled “ CVD Growth of Perovskite/Graphene Films for High-Performance Flexible Image Sensor” being accepted by Science Bulletin !

2019.10.30 Congratulations to Zhe Yin for her work entitled “ Sweat-driven Silk-yarn Switches Enabled by Highly Aligned Gaps for Air-conditioning Textiles ” being accepted by Advanced Fiber Materials !

2019.10.14 Congratulations to Kailun Xia for his work entitled “ Carbonized Chinese Art Paper-Based High-Performance Wearable Strain Sensor for Human Activity Monitoring ” being accepted by ACS Applied Electronic Materials !

2019.10.06 Congratulations to Shuo Li for his review paper entitled “ Physical sensors for skin-inspired electronics” being accepted by InfoMat !

2019.10.04 Congratulations to Zhe Yin and Mingchao for winning the Award for Graduate Students during 2018-2019 academic year! !

2019.9.19 Congratulations to Dr. Chunya Wang for her review paper entitled “ Silk-Based Advanced Materials for Soft Electronics ” being published online on Accounts of Chemical Research !

2019.8.19 Congratulations to Wenya He for her work entitled “ Integrated Textile Sensor Patch for Real-time and Multiplex Sweat Analysis ” being accepted by Science Advances !

2019.5.28 Congratulations to postdoctor Wangdong Lu for her work entitled “ Hollow core-sheath nanocarbon sphere grown on carbonized silk fabric for self-supported and nonenzymatic glucose sensing ” being accepted by Nanoscale !

2019.05.27 Congratulations to Qi Wang for her successful PhD thesis defense!

2019.5.14 Congratulations to postdoctor Yiliang Wang for his work entitled “ Calcium Gluconate-Derived Carbon Nanosheet Intrinsically Decorated with Nano-Papillae for Multifunctional Printed Flexible Electronics ” being accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces !

2019.5.4 Congratulations to undergraduate Binghan Zhou for his work entitled “ Murray’s law-inspired approach towards highly graphitic carbons for efficient electrocatalytic water splitting ” being published by Carbon !

2019.3.28 Congratulations to Dr. Mingchao Zhang for his work entitled “ Printable smart pattern for multifunctional energy-management E-textile ” being published by Matter!

2019.2.13 Congratulations to Dr Qi Wang for her work entitled “ Self-Healable Multifunctional Electronic Tattoos Based on Silk and Graphene ” being accepted by Advanced Functional Materials !

2019.1.3  Congratulations to Dr. Chunya Wang for her work entitled “Silk Derived Highly Active Oxygen Electrocatalysts for Flexible and Rechargeable Zn-Air Battery” being accepted  by Chem. Mater !

2018.10.18-21   Prof. Yingying Zhang and other three group members attended Asian Conference on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology,AsiaNANO 2018 at Qingdao, Prof. Zhang gave an invited talk,  and Wenya He , Haomin Wang presented posters.

2018.10.12-14  Zhe Yin attended the Nature Conference on Flexible Electronics – Visions of a Flexible Future (NCFE2018) at Xi’an, and show the poster entitled”CNT@Silk Wires for Wearable Electronic Textiles”.

2018.10.04 Zhe Yin‘s paper entitled “Splash-Resistant and Light-Weight Silk-Sheathed Wires for Textile Electronics is accepted  by Nano Lett.Congratulations! 

2018.09.25 Welcome Mengjia Zhua to join the YY group!

2018.09.25 Congratulations to Ph.D. student Mingchao Zhang for won the National Scholarship of the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University!

2018.08.31  The work entitled” “Snowing” Graphene using Microwave Ovens “cooperated by our group and the research group of Professor Zhang Jin of Peking University was highlighted by Nature  . 原文链接

2018.08.13 Congratulations to Dr. Chunya Wang for her work entitled “Advanced Carbon for Flexible and Wearable Electronics” being accepted  by Advanced Materials !!!

2018.07.16-20 Our group attended The 19th International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and Low-dimensional Materials (NT18)  held in Peking University,Prof. Yingying Zhang give a talk named “Hierarchical Structured Carbon Materials for Flexible and Wearable Electronics”,Zhe Yin, Kailun Xia and Haomin Wang respectively made poster, and Zhe Yin won  the American Chemistry Society Poster Award.

2018.07.12 Our group attended the 2018 TEEP-CNMM Academic Annual Meeting. Professor Zhang and Dr. Wang gave an invited talk respectively. At the scientific research exhibition, Qi Wang, Kailun Xia, Zhe Yin, Mingchao, Zhang and Huimin Wang respectively made poster and sample display, Haomin Wang and Chunya Wang also made sample display, which attracted great interest of teachers, classmates and entrepreneurs in different fields. Huimin Wang won the gold medal  in the exhibition, and Qi Wang , Zhe Yin, Mingchao Zhang, Chunya Wang won the silver medals!

2018.07.10 Congratulations to Xianyu Chen for his undergraduate graduation!

2018.07.09 Congratulations to Dr. Muqiang Jian and Dr. Chunya Wang for graduation!

2018.06.06 We invited professor Yael Hanein from Tel Aviv University gave us a talk on “Wearable technology for long-term high fidelity electrophysiology” at Tsinghua University.

2018.06.01 Congratulations to Chunya Wang and Muqiang Jian for their successful PhD thesis defense!

2018.05.31 We invited professor liqiang Mai from Wuhan University of Technology gave us a talk on “The latest progress of one-dimensional nano-energy storage materials and devices” at Tsinghua University.

2018.05.12-16 Prof. Yingying Zhang attended  the 223rd meeting of ECS (The Electrochemical Society) held in Seattle, gave an invited talk and co-chaired B01 session.

2018.05.4-7 Prof. Yingying Zhang attended the 31th annual meeting of CCS at Hangzhou and gave an invited talk.

2018.04.28  We invited professor shengjie Ling from Shanghai Tech University gave us a talk on “The Power of Silk :From Structural Organization to Functional Applications” at Tsinghua University.

2018.04.20 Rufan Zhang, who newly became a faculty of Tsinghua, came back to our group and shared him experience and thoughts on scientific research with us! Thanks, Rufan!

2018.04.10 We invited Professor jiaxing Huang from Northwestern University gave us a talk at Tsinghua on “Some updates about graphene oxide” at Tsinghua University.

2018.04.02-06 Prof. Yingying Zhang attended 2018MRS Spring Meeting at Phoenix and Co-organized a symposium  “NM08: Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystals and 2D Soft Material System” with Prof. Sang Ouk Kim, Prof. Jiaxing Huang, and Prof. Tae Hee Han.  Besides, she also gave a talk on symposium MA05 with a title of “Silk fiber/fabric-based Wearable Electronics”.

2018.03.29 Mingchao’s paper entitled “Mineral-templated three-dimensional graphene architectures for energy-efficient electrodes is accepted  by SmallCongratulations! 

2018.03.01 Shuo Li joins the YY group today! Welcome! 

2018.01.06 Professor Zhang is recognized as Young Scholars of Yangtze River Scholar Professor Program(2017)!Congratulations! 

2017.11.27 Professor Zhang is invited to participate in SG 2017  2nd Shenzhen International Smart Garments Industry Forum and Exhibition!

2017.10.15 Congratulations to our group students won the 2017 Department of Chemistry graduate student scholarship, which Qi Wang received the first prize of the scholarship reply, and won the Tang Aoqing scholarship! Chunya Wang  won the first prize scholarship (Friends of Tsinghua University – China Petroleum Scholarship funding)! Muqiang Jian  won the second prize scholarship (Tsinghua Friends – Changxing Scholarship)! Mingchao Zhang  (second grade doctoral students) won the second prize (Tsinghua Friends – Samsung Scholarship funding)! Hope our students make persistent efforts to achieve better results!

2017.10.08 The whole group attend 2017 International Conference on Advanced Fibers and Polymer Materials  held in Shanghai. Prof. Zhang gave an invited lecture.

2017.09.01 Welcome Wenya He to join the YY group as a visiting student! !

2017.08. 29-31 The whole group attend ChinaNano 2017 held in Beijing. Prof. Zhang gave an invited talk titled “Wearable electronics based on carbon materials ”, Qi Wang give a talk named “Carbonized silk nanofiber memebrane for wearable and ultrasensitive electronic skin”, and Muqiang, Chunya, Zhe, Kailun, Mingchao, and Huimin presented posters. We are very happy with the fruitful discussion on the conference!

2017.08.04  Congratulations to Zhe Yin for her work entitled “Extremely Black Vertically-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Solar Steam Generation” being accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces !

2017.07.21  Congratulations to Huimin Wang for his work entitled “Superelastic Wire-shaped Supercapacitor Sustaining 850% Tensile Strain Based on Carbon Nanotube@Graphene Fiber” being accepted  by Nano Research !

2017.07.20 Welcome Haomin Wang to join the YY group as a visiting student!

2017.07.17  Congratulations to Muqiang for his work entitled “Advanced carbon materials for flexible and wearable sensors” being accepted by SCIENCE CHINA Materials !

2017.07.05  Congratulations to Mingchao for his work entitled “Weft-knitted fabric for highly-stretchable and low-voltage wearable heater” being accepted by Advanced Electronic Materials !

2017.07.03  Congratulations to Kailun Xia for his work entitled “ CVD growth of fingerprint-like patterned 3D graphene film for an ultrasensitive pressure sensor” being accepted by Nano Research!

2017.07.03  Congratulations to Chunya Wang for her work entitled “Carbonized Silk Georgette as Ultrasensitive Wearable Strain Sensor for Full-Range Human Activity Monitoring” being accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry C!

2017.07.03 Congratulations to Dr. Huanhuan Xie for graduation!

2017.07.01 Welcome postdoctorate Dr. Yiliang Wang from Beijing Institute of Technology to join us !

2017.06. 9-11 Our group attend Frontiers of Nanochemistry-2017 held in Peking University.

2017.06.08 Welcome postdoctorate Dr. Wangdong Lu from Chang Chun Institute Of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences to join us!

2017.04.19 The team administrative attend the univeristy meeting about laboratory instruments and equipment procurement policy.

2017.04.16 Muqiang, Chunaya and Kailun went to the United States to attend 2016 MRS spring meeting. 

2017.04.15 The team enjoyed a very happy spring outing activities at Gubei county. Thank for Huidan and Huimin for organizing!