Primary Investigator

Yingying ZHANG, Associate Professor


Office: Room 305, Yejing Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P R China

ResearcherID: A-7260-2009



Dr. Zhang received her Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from Peking University in 2007. From Jun. 2008 to Jun. 2011, she worked in Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) as a postdoctoral research associate. Then, she joined Tsinghua University as an associate professor in July of 2011. She is currently a joint faculty member in Department of Chemistry and in the Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics (CNMM) of Tsinghua University. Her research field is nanomaterials and nano-chemistry. Her research interests focus on the controlled synthesis of functional carbon nanomaterials and their applications in flexible electronics, energy and environment. She has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, 2 book chapters, and 8 awarded patents. She also serves as a reviewer for more than 20 international journals. Dr.Zhang has been supported/awarded as “National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholar” (2014) of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),“Young Cutting-Edge Nanochemistry Researcher Award” (2014),National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals (2016), and Young Scholars of Yangtze River Scholar Professor Program(2017).


Ms. Huidan Wei

Master in Chemistry


Dr. Yiliang Wang

Duration in YY Lab (2017.7-Current)

Dr. Wangdong Lu

Duration in YY Lab (2017.7-Current)

PhD Students

Qi Wang
PhD student (2014.9-Current)
Zhe Yin
PhD student (2015.9-Current)
Kailun Xia
PhD student (2015.9-Current)
Mingchao Zhang
PhD student (2016.9-Current)
Huimin Wang
PhD student (2016.9-Current)
Xiaoping Liang

PhD student (2017.9-Current)

Duration in YY Lab (2016.3-Current)

Haomin Wang

(Master-dual culture)

Duration in YY Lab (2016.07-Current)

Wenya He

(Master-dual culture)

Duration in YY Lab (2017.9-Current)


Dr. Haojie Lu
PhD student  (2018)
Dr. Shuo Li

PhD student  (2018)

Undergraduate Student


Binghan Zhou

Undergraduate Student

Duration in YY Lab (2017.5-Current)








B.S. Xianyu Chen

Duration in YY Lab (2016.03-2018.07.10)

He is going to Northwestern University to pursue a master’s degree.


Dr. Muqiang Jian

Master in Chemistry

Duration in YY Lab (2013.9-2018.7)

He went to Peking University for postdoctoral post.


Dr. Chunya Wang

Master in Chemistry

Duration in YY Lab (2013.9-2018.7)

She is going to Tufts University for postdoctoral post.

Dr. Xuanhuan Xie

Master in Chemistry

Dr. Rufan Zhang

PhD student (Co-Mentored)

Duration in YY Lab (2011.9-2014.6)

Tutao Li

PhD student 

Duration in YYLab (2016-2017.9)


Xiao Liang

 Undergraduate StudentDuration in YY Lab  (2016-2017.8)

Dr. Zhijun Cai

Undergraduate StudentDuration in YY Lab (2016.10-2017.09.16)